Security Teams

We receive many inquiries from ministries in regards to the operation of church security programs.  Unfortunately, because every ministry is different, there is no one size fits all approach to answering this question.

Our staff can establish and train your security team based on your specific needs. 

Every church should be prepared to contain and control any emergency that occurs on their premise for at least 5 minutes.  On average, this is the amount of time it takes before first responders arrive on scene after placing a call to 911. 

Background Checks

Most people who want to volunteer for your church are good people with good intentions, however “most” does not mean “always”. 

Running these background checks is a way of demonstrating to the church that you take the moral and professional integrity of your volunteers seriously.

Requiring background checks will make people feel safer, and it will add a layer of trust and unity to your church. 

Risk Assessments

This assessment is designed to help identify areas of vulnerabilities and then suggests counteractive measures to help reduce your overall risk.

A survey of 4000 churches in the last decade showed that nearly 80% of churches had not conducted a risk assessment, or developed security or emergency plans.  Don’t be in that majority. 

Concealed Carry

We offer the NC Concealed Carry Course at a discounted rate for church groups and church security teams. 

On Site Security

Not ready to take on the task of developing and training your own church security team?  Does your church security team need one extra layer of protection?  Sheepdog Company Police provides on site officers during services allowing your congregation to feel at ease.  

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