Sabre Home Defense Pepper Gel


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Protect your home and your family from intruders with the SABRE Red Home Defense Pepper Gel with Wall Mount Clip. Pepper gel deploys in a powerful stream and has a long 25-foot (7.6 meter) range, putting more distance between you and an intruder. Remain confident against multiple threats with 32 maximum strength red pepper gel bursts (5X the competition).


  • SABRE Is The #1 Pepper Spray Brand Trusted By Police & Consumers & A Leader In The Personal Safety Category. Pepper Gel Is Made In The USA
  • SABRE’s Professional-Grade OC Spray Is Backed By Our In-House Lab Testing, Guaranteeing Maximum Heat And Stopping Power In Every Burst And Eliminating The 30% Failure Rate Of Other Pepper Spray Brands (U Of Utah Study)
  • Pepper Gel Can Be Used Indoors As It Does Not Atomize Like Traditional Pepper Spray And Deploys In A Powerful Stream With A 25-Foot (7.6 Meter) Range; It Only Affects The Target
  • Pepper Gel Has An Impressive 32 Bursts (5X The Competition) Deployed In A Powerful Stream Of Gel To Decrease Blowback
  • Feel Secure With Every SABRE Product; Packaging Includes Links To Free Training Videos So That, In The Face Of Danger, You Are Better Prepared To Use Your SABRE Pepper Gel


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